Tempe Rowe

Silk sleep masks for creatures of comfort

Work hard, play hard, sleep harder. 
I have always been a creature of comfort, I love nothing more than a comfy pair of pajamas, a plush bed, and a good night's sleep and I will do almost anything to get one–that includes starting my own company. I am addicted to silk sleep masks but I could never quite find the perfect mask, so I decided to make my own.

The Name, Tempe Rowe. 
Tempe Rowe is named after my mom. She is the ultimate source of love and comfort. Long before sleep masks were helping me nod off, she was pulling out every trick in the book to help me go to sleep. I have always loved her sweet, southern name and it was the first thing I thought of when starting my company. 

Made in America.
All of our masks are made and manufactured in New York City. Creating jobs at home helps us sleep even better at night. 

100% Silk.
All of our masks are made with 100% silk and cheeky embroidery. We bridge the gap between luxury, comfort, and a little bit of fun at a price point that won't keep you up at night.